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InDaX PV System

Based on proven crystalline technology, the fourth generation of Monier InDaX photovoltaic integrated modules fulfils two functions: clean, solar electricity generation and a secure roof covering.

High aesthetics

Low overall system height with modules mounted in attractive black coated aluminium framing.

Safe, flexible and quick assembly

Modules can be installed from left to right or right to left and they can be installed in either rows or columns. This flexibility, along with a minimum number of parts and the low system weight, means the installation can be carried out simply and quickly. Modules are installed from top to bottom ensuring maximum safety during installation. Separate drainage channels overcome any unevenness in the roof structure.

Wide pitch range capability

The InDaX system can be installed on roofs with pitches between 15° and 65°.

Maximum energy yield

Modules are arranged in arrays and mounted in specially designed framing that optimises the ventilation at the rear of each module and thereby maximises the power output. Holes in the eaves profile allows condensate to drain away.

Weathertight and high wind uplift resistance

InDaX modules fulfill the same protective functions as roof tiles, i.e. weathertightness and resistance to wind uplift. Modules can withstand loads up to 550 kg/m2. High quality flashings from the roof window industry are used with the weathertightness of the system guaranteed for 15 years.

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