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Fixings For Small Cut Tiles

It is always better to avoid finishing with small tile cuts at hips, valleys and other abutments on the roof as they are particularly vulnerable to removal by wind uplift. Often with good setting out - utilising the available shunt in the tiles and half tiles where they are available - it is possible to avoid this situation. However, it is not always possible to avoid small tile cuts at the perimeter of a roof and a suitable method is required to ensure they are adequately secured against the wind.

The NHBC currently accept that small cut tiles at hips, valleys and other abutments can be fixed either using a suitable adhesive or a minimum of two mechanical fixings. Redland's recommended and guaranteed method is to use mechanical fixings although the practice of using a suitable adhesive for the bonding of small cut tiles to the adjacent mechanically fixed tile can also be an acceptable solution - albeit dependent on the workmanship of the site operative - if a suitable adhesive product is used in accordance with the adhesive manufacturer’s instructions.

Redland supplies a range of mechanical fixings including Head (C-Clip) (9518), Tail Clip (9519/9522) and Kro-Clip (9142) specifically designed for securing cut tiles.

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