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Eaves Systems

We aim to deliver high-quality roofs that are easy to specify, buy, install and own.

Take a look at our range of components, from dry fix systems and fixings to ventilation solutions.

RedVent EavesVent

Removes the need for an unsightly grille in the soffit board which over time could become clogged.

RedVent 25 Over-Fascia Vent

Provides unobtrusive, continuous ventilation for use where the insulation is installed between or above the rafters.

Eaves Comb

Prevents bird ingress into the batten cavity.

Rapid Eaves Vent

Designed to cost-effectively introduce ventilation into cold pitched roofs at low level.


Award-winning roof returns school to former glory

Find out why pitched roofing awards winner St Josephs school was such a challenging project.

BMI helps Children in Need keep young people safe

When homeless and vulnerable young people in Blackburn need help, they turn to Nightsafe, a local charity which offers them a caring and supportive environment to keep them safe from harm at critical times in their lives.

Keeping the college on message

The roofing department at Leeds College of Building is now a NFRC centre of excellence as well as being the largest college of its kind in the UK. Chris Messenger, lecturer in roof slating and tiling, takes us through a typical day at the beginning of the teaching year.

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