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Spirtech 400 2S

A heavy-duty underlay with a unique glue strip system that provides raintight overlap and passes the BS 5534:2014 wind uplift requirements for use anywhere in the UK. This is ideal for both warm and hybrid roof systems where wind penetration can affect the performance of the roof insulation at rafter level, as well as traditional cold roofs where the underlay needs to effectively withstand the wind uplift forces acting upon it to ensure it reduces wind loading of the roof tiles.


  • Strong, durable heavy-duty underlay system with grid reinforcement
  • Superior abrasion and tear resistance
  • Unique 2-strip gluing system for horizontal laps makes joints easy to bond and eliminates need for battens over the horizontal laps
  • Glue strips suitable for both high and low outside temperatures
  • Provides windtight, sealed roof system for warm and hybrid roofs, improving energy efficiency, as well as for traditional cold roofs
  • Can be used without eaves ventilation when used in conjunction with a wellsealed ceiling and ridge or other high level ventilation
  • Underlay Support Tray replaces the need for a timber tilting fillet and additional length of UV-resistant underlay
  • Complies with BS 5534:2014 wind uplift resistance requirements for underlays everywhere in the UK for all batten gauges up to 345mm
  • Spirtech 400 2S will be covered by the Redland 15 year SpecMaster guarantee when used as part of a SpecMaster project
  • Awarded British Board of Agremènt Certification, certificate number 05/4283
  • DuoRoll is a double-sided polyethylene tape, available separately, to create a wind-tight and air-tight connection between sections of underlay

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