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The Rustic Red tile comprises a through-coloured dark red concrete body to which a random black streaking is applied to give the rustic farmhouse look. To enhance the intensity of the colours the tile is then finished with a clear acrylic coating across all surfaces and edges.

While these tiles will be available nationwide, it is anticipated that demand will be strongest in the South East of England where a tradition of using clay tiles has developed into a marked preference for weathered red colours. Rustic Red was first introduced as a colour option for Redland 49 and Plain Tiles some 20 years ago and has since grown to be one of the best selling colours for both these tiles.

Grovebury and Double Roman are both hugely popular Redland profiled tiles with Grovebury being an example of a classic, flowing double pantile and Double Roman providing a combination of subtle pans with gentle rolls. Both are favoured choices for new housebuilding as the interlocking design gives great speed of installation.


Redland Mini Stonewold is the perfect solution against high winds in Orkney

With prevalent high winds in excess of 130mph on the Orkney Islands, a solution was required that could withstand these elements when it came to roofing a new facility for elderly and vulnerable members of the community. The BMI Redland Mini Stonewold Slate was chosen due to its strength, robustness and appearance of natural slate.

A new faster, safer, stronger and lighter metal tile solution from BMI

Drawing on its extensive experience in lightweight metal tiles,BMI – is setting new standards with the introduction of AeroDek. A roofing solution built for the future, AeroDek is faster, safer, stronger and lighter than traditional roof coverings; while replicating the high aesthetic of clay, concrete or slate in a tile guaranteed to last for 40 years.

Band of Builders and BMI team up for community project

When building charity Band of Builders learnt of the challenges faced by plasterer Iain Dodd’s family, it was eager to do what it could to help. Band of Builders – “run by tradespeople, for tradespeople” – aims to help members of the construction industry community when times get tough: and tough describes the Dodd’s family situation.

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