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To leave a perfectly uniform finish Rapid Roof Paint is now available to match all tiles with a painted surface.    Available in 2.5 litre tins the paint is the same as that used in the original manufacturing process ensuring a perfect bond to the tile surface and the complete elimination of minor scratches and scrape marks.


Rapid Roof Paint was developed in response to contractors asking for advice when their otherwise immaculate installation had acquired minor damage through boot scuffs or scrapes from scaffolding or ladders.  Rather than having to replace the marked tiles, contractors can use Rapid Roof Paint, enabling them to conduct a final touching in of any minor areas of damage with minimal cost and disruption.


It’s a minor detail, but one that can make the difference between a pleasing installation and one that is perfect.


A new faster, safer, stronger and lighter metal tile solution from BMI

Drawing on its extensive experience in lightweight metal tiles,BMI – is setting new standards with the introduction of AeroDek. A roofing solution built for the future, AeroDek is faster, safer, stronger and lighter than traditional roof coverings; while replicating the high aesthetic of clay, concrete or slate in a tile guaranteed to last for 40 years.

Band of Builders and BMI team up for community project

When building charity Band of Builders learnt of the challenges faced by plasterer Iain Dodd’s family, it was eager to do what it could to help. Band of Builders – “run by tradespeople, for tradespeople” – aims to help members of the construction industry community when times get tough: and tough describes the Dodd’s family situation.

Ford motors on

Nine months after winning the BMI Apprentice of the Year for pitched roofing, Roofing Today caught up with Matt Ford on a roof in Hertfordshire to chat about the competition, what he’s doing now and where he sees himself in the future.

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