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Rapid Roof Putty is the ideal solution for fixing small, problematic areas of crumbling mortar as well as larger roof areas.

Rapid Roof Putty is designed for speed. It can be very time consuming for roofing contractors to mix a full batch of mortar for just one small job and then transport it from the mixer to the roof. Rapid Roof Putty comes in individual strips, each packed in air-tight bags, insuring they are ready to use straight out of the box with minimal wastage.

Rapid Roof Putty is flexible, highly adhesive fibre reinforced synthetic mortar which delivers high levels of water tightness. It works with all types of concrete tiles and slates as an alternative to traditional concrete mortars.

Developed to fix ridges, hips, valleys and verges on pitched roofs, it provides the architectural and professional traditions of mortar with the addition of weather resistance, flexibility and simplified installation.

Available in three colours; black, brown and terracotta, it blends in perfectly with existing roof tiles.


New dry verges to meet and beat BS 8612

Redland, the company that invented dry-fixed roofing systems, with patents dating back to 1966; has launched two new dry verge products to coincide with the publication of BS 8612

West Country apprentices dominate Roofing’s Top Ten

Somerset’s Joe Stradling has won the prestigious title of Redland Apprentice of the Year against stiff competition as one of ten of the country’s best roofing apprentices.

Roofing’s Top Ten apprentices tough it out in national final

Ten of the country’s best roofing apprentices are gearing up for the two-day final that will see one of them awarded the prestigious title of Redland Apprentice of the Year.

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