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The original roof finish to the properties was an asbestos cement tile covering that was generally life expired and proving extremely difficult to repair economically due to the asbestos content. Therefore the decision was taken to re-roof all forty properties.

Cambrian slate was an obvious contender: its appealing aesthetic was immediately attractive. With more than 60% of the tile consisting of recycled slate, Cambrian combines the aesthetic of a natural slate product with the light weight and cost effectiveness of a composite alternative.

Redland was happy to provide its SpecMaster technical specification service – a service that Gentoo has relied on in the past to provide the right combination of products for a maintenance-free roof system. Any roof installed in accordance with SpecMaster is covered by a 15-year design liability guarantee and Gentoo was further persuaded by the 60-year product guarantee provided by Redland for the Cambrian product.

"Cambrian was not the cheapest solution available" summarised Chris Gott, Building Surveyor at Gentoo, "but we liked both the look and performance of the product. We have always been impressed with Redland’s technical support but what really swung the decision was the product guarantee. If a manufacturer has confidence in the quality of its product then it should be happy to provide a lengthy guarantee. With Redland there has never been any question about that."

The specification for the Gentoo project also included a dry fix ridge, hip and verge system and the decision was also taken to use a lead-free Rapid Flashing for the chimney abutments following the recent growth in lead theft from building sites.

The project was completed on time and the housing association is in ongoing discussion with Redland on the subject of further refurbishment projects.


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