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We aim to secure our long term future by anticipating and meeting our customers needs, creating a perceived difference and becoming our customers preferred supplier of pitched roofing.

We are committed to involving all of our people in continuous improvement in pursuit of Operational Excellence. We will ensure that colleagues have the knowledge and expertise necessary to:

  • Produce and deliver high performance products that are both fit for purpose and fully meet our customers expectations.
  • Quickly recognise product and customer service shortfalls and initiate actions to improve performance.
  • Produce and review key performance indicators locally and act on them to bring about improvements and reduce waste.
  • Meet the requirements of the ISO 9001 Quality System.

We will ensure clear understanding and communication of this policy through training, regular briefing and by displaying the policy on Company notice boards. The operation of the quality system, its objectives and performance will be the subject of an annual review by the Directors to ensure that the policy continues to be appropriate and effective.


Redland Mini Stonewold is the perfect solution against high winds in Orkney

With prevalent high winds in excess of 130mph on the Orkney Islands, a solution was required that could withstand these elements when it came to roofing a new facility for elderly and vulnerable members of the community. The BMI Redland Mini Stonewold Slate was chosen due to its strength, robustness and appearance of natural slate.

A new faster, safer, stronger and lighter metal tile solution from BMI

Drawing on its extensive experience in lightweight metal tiles,BMI – is setting new standards with the introduction of AeroDek. A roofing solution built for the future, AeroDek is faster, safer, stronger and lighter than traditional roof coverings; while replicating the high aesthetic of clay, concrete or slate in a tile guaranteed to last for 40 years.

Band of Builders and BMI team up for community project

When building charity Band of Builders learnt of the challenges faced by plasterer Iain Dodd’s family, it was eager to do what it could to help. Band of Builders – “run by tradespeople, for tradespeople” – aims to help members of the construction industry community when times get tough: and tough describes the Dodd’s family situation.

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