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Wakaflex Rapid Flashing Range

Can be used instead of lead for the majority of pitched roof applications. The unrivalled speed and ease of installation enables standard flashing details to be completed twice as quickly as with lead, offering a viable and safer alternative to traditional methods.

Wakaflex Rapid Flashing

Lead-Free, Flexible, Adhesive Flashing

Wakaflex Rapid Flashing Accessories

Rapid flashing accessories, general information.


West Country apprentices dominate Roofing’s Top Ten

Somerset’s Joe Stradling has won the prestigious title of Redland Apprentice of the Year against stiff competition as one of ten of the country’s best roofing apprentices.

Roofing’s Top Ten apprentices tough it out in national final

Ten of the country’s best roofing apprentices are gearing up for the two-day final that will see one of them awarded the prestigious title of Redland Apprentice of the Year.

Changes to our management structure

The Redland regional management structure has now been confirmed as part of the combined BMI Group.

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