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Continuous Hip System

The Continuous Hip System is a cost effective, ventilating dry fix solution for mechanically fixing hip tiles. The system is a genuine alternative to a mortar bedded hip with the added advantage of being quicker and requiring less skill to install.

One carton of the Continuous Hip System contains sufficient components to fix 5 metres of hip without the need to leave the roof. The Continuous Hip System also gives a traditional appearance to the hip whilst combining the security and weathertightness of mechanically fixed hip tiles.


  • Hips are up to a third quicker to complete than when mortar bedded
  • Hip Tiles are secured to the appropriate size hip batten using Stainless Steel woodscrews, which give exceptional resistance to wind uplift
  • Provides a neat and attractive finish to the hip line
  • Easy to install and can be used even when bad weather is expected
  • Ventilates the batten cavity to comply with BS 5250:2011, therefore reducing the risk of harmful condensation in the roof (when used with Spirtech 400 2S vapour permeable underlay)
  • Tried and tested and complies with BS 5534:2014 requirements for mechanical fixing

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