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Components and Accessories

From roof tiles and underlay to eaves systems and ridges, we have a comprehensive range of roof products. All elements of our roofs are carefully designed, tested and manufactured to give value, visual appeal and long-lasting weathertight performance.

Rapid Loft Board Insulation

Redland Rapid Loft Board is made from a high-performance PIR (polyisocyanurate) rigid foam insulating material with integrated OSB board.

Wakaflex Rapid Flashing Range

Lead free flashing products

Tile And Slate Fixings

Clips, Nails and Fixings for use with Tiles and Slates.

Underlay Accessories

A range of underlay accessories is available to ensure the underlay remains wind-tight.

Dry Hip System

Mechanical, Dry Fixing System for Hip Tiles

Continuous Hip System

Maintenance-Free Hip System

Cambrian Mitred Hip System

The Cambrian Mitred Hip System has been specifically designed for use with Cambrian Slates to achieve a neat mitred hip detail.

Hip End Cap

Hip End Caps, a dedicated hip end solution for use with clay tiles. Available in both a universal angle and a third round.

Mortar Bedded Fixing Kit

The Redland Mortar Bedded Fixing Kit is the new way to mechanically fix mortar bedded hips and ridges.

Uni-Vent Rapid Hip Support Tray

Uni-Vent Rapid Hip Support Tray is designed to support the hip tiles to give a neat, continuous line on the roof hip.

DryVent Ridge System

The DryVent Ridge System provides a continuous weathertight air path from the roof void to the outside within a mechanically fixed ridge, complying with the requirements of the Building Regulations.

Continuous Ridge System

The Continuous Ridge System is a cost effective, ventilating dry fix solution for mechanically fixing ridge tiles.

Uni-Vent Rapid Ridge/Hip

Uni-Vent Rapid Ridge/Hip is a simple and quick to install system providing a secure, weathertight and mortar-free universal solution for the mechanical fixing of ridge and hip tiles.

DryVent Monoridge System

Dry-fix system for Monoridges

Ridge Vent Terminal

The Ridge Ventilation Terminal is a neat method of providing ventilation to a soil ventilation pipe or mechanical ventilation system at ridge level.

Gas Flue Ridge Terminal

The Terminal is of low-resistance to prevent spillage occurring under certain wind speed conditions.

Rapid Monoridge End Cap

Rapid Monoridge End Caps provide a cost-effective way of creating a block-end appearance with standard monoridge tiles.

Ridge End Cap

Ridge End Caps are a cost-effective solution to completing the junction between the ridge and verge on a duo-pitched roof.

125 and Cambrian GRP Valleys

Designed as a cost effective alternative to lead, the 125 GRP Valley is easy to fix, durable and lightweight.

Dry Valley

There are two Dry Valley products. One for flat tiles and lower profiles and one for higher profile tiles. The selection may depend on the tile and roof pitch being used.

Ventilation Tiles

RedLine, ThruVent and Rapid Roof Vent Tiles.

Ambi-Dry, Rapid and Slate 10 Dry Verge Systems

Dry-fix interlocking verge system.


Rapid Roof Paint, Rapid Roof Putty and Outlet Adaptors


West Country apprentices dominate Roofing’s Top Ten

Somerset’s Joe Stradling has won the prestigious title of Redland Apprentice of the Year against stiff competition as one of ten of the country’s best roofing apprentices.

Roofing’s Top Ten apprentices tough it out in national final

Ten of the country’s best roofing apprentices are gearing up for the two-day final that will see one of them awarded the prestigious title of Redland Apprentice of the Year.

Changes to our management structure

The Redland regional management structure has now been confirmed as part of the combined BMI Group.

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