Effective Solutions

Eaves and Ridge Ventilation

Good roof design does not just mean choosing the right tile or slate. The protection of the supporting structure from the harmful effects of condensation is equally important. The proven method for preventing condensation is through the use of effective roof ventilation.

Condensation in roof spaces has become an increasing problem over the last few years for several reasons. Part L of the building regulations is driving up standards for the airtightness of dwellings at the same time as requiring increased levels of insulation. These changes in building standards - to reduce energy consumption - coupled with householders' increasing use of appliances such as dishwashers and tumble dryers, have contributed to the increasing presence of water vapour in colder roof spaces - a recipe for roof condensation, particularly during prolonged spells of cold weather.

In this section, we explore the evidence surrounding the issue of condensation, its causes, the implications and the effective solutions that can be employed to overcome it. Finally, we summarise our own recommendations based upon British Standards, together with those of other organisations like the NHBC and BBA.